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We are happy to introduce our most exciting super saver Cotton Chaniya Choli Dress with Duppatta (Free Size)
Different color combinations & different style of work
Only for $45each.
get ( Anklet + Bindi ) FREE
We are attaching few pictures for your reference.
We also have Kids Chanuiya Choli in different styles/sizes & colors
Onle for $25 each.
get ( Anklet + Bindi ) FREE
Our Chaniya Choli Dress & Kids Chaniya Choli is also available along with our entire collection of Sarees/ Dresses/ Men's Kurta Sets/ Sherwanis/ Kids Wear & Jewelry.

Clutch / Purses

The contemporary clutch purse market is so saturated with the traditional purses that it is always a great idea to own a purse that truly stands out. Price of the fox leather purses is so high that finding a way to be creative as well as keeping the costs within budget is becoming more and more difficult by the day. That is why we have brought you a range of designer elegant clutch that are unique in relation to the current contemporary market as well as the low price range. For an evening party there is no better way than to show off your pretty evening purse. Our designs are bold which give you a confident look that you can expect from a branded purse.

We make elegant evening clutches that are not worth thousands of dollars but in a comfortable range of 10-25 dollars. These evening purses are really aesthetically made. You will find solid silk purses that are embellished with sequins, crystals and other type of zari work. These beautiful evening purse/ clutches are perfect for events like a wedding, a formal official evening gathering or attending an opera.

For those who prefer to choose something more subtle and elegant, we have something for them too.  Out range includes a variety of fine-looking clutches that will go with sober evening gowns perfectly. There are various shades to choose from – grey, brown, purple, and white.

It is not necessary that you carry a traditional looking evening clutch in this wedding season.You can go for beautiful, classic purses that you can be proud of. There are fair numbers of people who want to carry something to the celebrations lighter on the tradition, but heavier on the…whatever there heart wishes for!

If you have ever dreamt of being royal you can select one of the featured evening clutches, which have enough stone, beads, and crystals that will make you completely forget about the lack of real jewels. Now you will not be hard pressed to find a greater selection of evening purses. Out store has a variety of them and you can shop here with confidence.


Fashion of shawls never grows old. Shawls are mandatory items for winter or fall weather to combat the cold and look stylish along with it too. Shawls if chosen wisely go very well with your dresses and are suitable for all kind of social gatherings and functions. If you are searching for gorgeous and beautifully woven shawls, your search is over as now you can select from wide variety present in the Shawls gallery of KARISSIMA Jewellers. We import shawls from India / Pakistan, woven with spirit to represent India on global level you will find our shawls a real piece of beauty. It is recommended to have multiple shawls in your collection so that you can wear the one going well with your dresses, jewellery and the time of the day. Our shawls collection consists of many designs and colors to let you choose the best ones for you and your loved ones. The amazingly lower prices make it best for your own purchase and you may also choose one or multiple for presenting as gift to anyone. See the collection, place the order, before it is too late as winter and fall represent half of the year not the full year.

Belly Belt

 There are some amazing pieces of jewelry that can be added to that gorgeous outfit, and these are the Belly Belt, and the assorted styles that KARISSIMA Jewelry carries are incredible.  Their web is a terrific place for you to sit in the comfort of your own home and look through all these stunning designs, because they are truly pieces of art in jewelry.

When looking at these styles they are all gold plated and designed with an assortment of colored stones, white studs, and pearls on some of the designs.  They also have an assortment of styles that come from a single layer belt to designs that are in three, four, or five tiers with brilliant stones that accentuate the design.  Some of them have long strands coming from the bottom tier, and other have individual baubles in teardrop style, or chains hanging from the bottom tier the length of the belt.

There are several single Belly Belt designs that are alternating red and white, or maroon and white, while others utilize green, white, and maroon in a stunning design.  There is also another design that has an arrangement of red, white, and green flowers across the design of the belt.

It’s so much fun to look at these great Belly Belts from KARISSIMA Jewelry and looking at all the beautiful clothes in your closet and selecting one for each outfit.  They are such beautiful designs that they can be worn for many different occasions, and they are reasonably priced.

When you are looking at the KARISSIMA Jewelry web page, a magnifying glass is attached to each photo of these stunning Belly Belts.  Just hover the cursor over the magnifying glass and you’ll see a magnified image of the selected design to see all the beautiful details.

In addition, KARISSIMA Jewelry has taken their web site to new levels of security so that you can be assured that your order is always filled correctly, and the payment is secure and safe.  It’s so easy to shop on-line with this great website, and simple to find just that perfect style.

Earrings Collection

No outfit can be complete without a great pair of earrings. Most women can never think of stepping out without earrings. Choice of earrings depends on individual taste. If you love a fuss-free look, then studs or small rings are the best option. If you like chic and funky stuff, then copper or silver hula hoops, or motif based earrings should be your pick. For those who always want to step out in style and create a style statement, there is a wide range of options at hand.

Some of the popular picks include chandelier earrings, drops, hoops, and studs. Chandelier earrings carry tear-drop shaped stones and look awesome with western formal wear. At KARISSIMA Jewelry, you can find Indian chandelier earrings jewelry in silver plated metal and studded with dazzling zircon stones. These earrings are extremely sophisticated and look very pretty on a well-toned figure. Our gold plated earrings jewelry is comfortable to put on for long hours. These are chiefly dangling earrings that look heavy but are light on weight. To top this, we use non-allergic metals so as to avoid occurrence of rashes on sensitive skin.

Our online jewelry store also packs up a great collection of Indian earrings with tikka. Nowadays, girls love sporting delicate tikkas with traditional outfits like lehenga or designer saris. Our earrings with tikka collection are goldplated with beautiful kundan work set in white and multi-colored stones. Since a lot of Bollywood actors nowadays sport earring with tikka in their movies, they have become a rage, especially among young girls. These look extremely elegant and chic when paired with a nice lehenga or designer sari.

Another amazing creation from KARISSIMA Jewelry is the peacock collection. Our jewelry designers have done a fantastic job in creating peacock designs on kundan and polka jewelry. Our peacock earrings are exquisitely carved and look best with heavy silk saris or embellished salwar suits.

Earring With Tikka

The Tikkas that are worn along the part in the hair towards the forehead are such beautiful pieces of jewelry and when you look at the pieces that have Earrings with the Tikka from KARISSIMA Jewelry, you have a beautiful set that is designed to put the finishing touches on any outfit.

 The Earring with Tikka come in an assortment of designs; some are influenced by the floral patterns in nature, some have simple, elegant designs, and others have some intricate designs that only come from the creative mind.  There are a large number of pieces that are designed with the more traditional maroon and white styles with others that are the maroon and green Kundan earrings with Tikka designs. 

 Many of these sets come in an assortment of colors including fuchsia and white, light brown, green and purple, deep pink and green, aqua and white, pink and white, maroon and green, green and white, and various other color combinations.  There are some styles that tend towards the longer, more delicate look, and other styles that are far more elaborate with multicolored stones.  All of these sets are gold plated and look beautiful as an accessory to any garment.

 The prices on these Earrings with Tikka sets are very reasonable; in fact, KARISSIMA Jewelry strives to make their goldplated jewelry affordable so that everyone can have lovely jewelry to complete their outfit.  Most of the earrings are three to four inches in length, and the Tikkas come designed to beautifully lie on the center of the head making a beautiful finishing touch.

 KARISSIMA Jewelry also has a Price Match policy that if you find the exact same piece someplace else, and it is less expensive, they have a form on their web site that you can fill out and they will try to beat any price  because they want to remain competitive.

When you are shopping at KARISSIMA Jewelry for Earrings with Tikka, you will find it’s so convenient to shop from their web site.  Their web site is constantly secure and your payments and personal information is always safe.


What a great accessory that Anklets make for your jewelry, in addition, they are always lovely on your ankle.  KARISSIMA Jewelry carries a wide variety of Anklets that will be perfect for that outfit, and they come in so many styles and colors, that you will have no trouble finding several that would be perfect additions to your wardrobe.

These Anklets come in assorted styles and all of them are gold plated.  Many of them come in the traditional maroon and white styles, or the lovely maroon and green.  In addition there are some great styles in white diamond that are silver plated that are also a lovely accent to your ankle.  There are also a number of styles with multi-colored beading on them that includes fuchsia, blue, pink, red, and brown.

Some of the styles that KARISSIMA Jewelry displays range from very simple silver plated Anklet that has just a few black beads to the more elaborate designs with assorted colors of beads on them in several tiers.

These Anklets from KARISSIMA Jewelry are all affordable, so much so that you may find a dozen of them that will perfectly match your wardrobe.  One of the benefits that KARISSIMA Jewelry offers is that they have a PriceMatch guarantee that states if you find another site that offers the exact same item at a lower price, if you fill in the form and send it in, they will make every effort to meet the lower price.  It’s a win-win situation for you.

It’s great fun to get your sisters and friends to go “virtually shopping” with us on our KARISSIMA Jewelry website.  The magnifying glass next to each Anklet enlarges the items so that you can get a very detailed view of each lovely piece.  With so many to choose from, you can be virtually shopping for hours.

Another great reason to shop with KARISSIMA Jewelry for Anklets is that your order is always correct, plus their web site is secure which means your payment is safe and always applied to the correct account.  It’s never lost or stolen.


Apart from being jewellery Mangalsutra is the most important piece of ornament for a Hindu lady. Basically it is the symbol of marriage as per Hindu and Indian culture and at the termination of marriage due to any reason a woman lost the right to wear Mangalsutra in her neck. It is given by the husband at the time of marriage, with the wish that women never have to get rid of it. Due to emotional value attached to it Indian women consider it something holy and at the sacred. KARISSIMA jewellers are not a heartless business entity interested in earning money only. Our presence is basically to keep the Indian tradition alive while keeping our customers up-to-dated with the needs of current times.  Imported from India Mangalsutra are designed and created to represent your love but also keeping in mind that it goes well all kind of dresses both traditional and modern. As it is a gift given at the time of wedding so our designer team make sure that Mangalsutra is designed to go well with bridal wear. We don't want to bring in the issue of price with something as precious as Mangalsutra but still you can find good collection at very reasonable cost.


Headpiece/Tikka also known as Jhoomar is traditional Indian jewels to be worn on head. In most of Indian cultures this Headpiece/Tikka or jhoomar is a mandatory part of bride's ornament for the wedding day. We have a very comprehensive variety of Headpiece/Tikka designs with us always. One Headpiece/Tikka or jhoomar cannot be used by all like many of our products like pendants, anklets but to compensate this drawback the Headpiece/Tikka are available in different sizes there will always be one to fit you very well. Beautifully crafted Headpiece/Tikka is result of tiring efforts of our design team, whose brilliance can easily be seen within each design of Headpiece/Tikka. Fine sharp work of stones like Polki, Kundan, rhinestone, enamel etc give the Headpiece/Tikka a priceless look. With the minor cost associated with Headpiece/Tikka you cannot limit yourself to buy one. You can gift this Headpiece/Tikka to anyone to have their jewellery collection blessed with this beautiful creation imported directly from India.  As Headpiece/Tikka is mostly a bridal wear so it is normally used in weddings and such events. So to make your or your family wedding special KARISSIMA Jeweller's Headpiece/Tikka is necessity not a luxury.


KARISSIMA Jewelers is proud to present their finest Armlets collection. Armlets are different from bracelets because they are worn on upper arm as compare to bracelet which is worn on wrist. Imported designs from India the Armlets are so beautiful that if you do not usually wear them you will start wearing them now. The most prominent feature of Armlets is their hanging crystals make them unique addition to your jewelry collection. Armlets look beautiful and suitable with traditional dresses but that does not mean you cannot wear it with modern dresses. Be creative and you can have the best look in a party, gathering or any occasions. Our variety consists of armlets on all kind of jewelry designs like Kundan, polka to name a few. The beautiful stone work done by the best creative heads of India, working fortunately for KARISSIMA Jewelers make our Armlets fit for all ages and goes well with entire dress collection in your wardrobe. We at KARISSIMA jewelers always work toward providing our customers with best product at the most reasonable prices you can imagine. Armlets available at our portal are so low priced that you can purchase multiple items to for giving it as gifts to your loved ones and acquaintances.


Females love to own many rings matching to their dresses and then few more. If you have been dealing with KARISSIMA jewellers you must be aware of our service quality and continuous effort to keep on coming up with new, unique, creative jewellery items and other accessories. We do not only sale jewellery and ornaments we own them. We have a vast collection of Rings available at our end. Rings are designed on different bases to suit your needs. Designs are like always made with special care by our most creative teams to make you feel proud upon wearing our rings. Imported straight from India the beautiful ring collection is worth watching and keeping in your custody. Our rings go well with all kind of suiting whether it is formal or casual. Similarly most of the rings are suitable for all kind of occasions. Rings are something adored by females of all age groups, so we keep in mind while designing the rings to create beauties fit for all. We don't need to mention it as you are already aware of it but while dealing with KARISSIMA jewellers prices are always reasonable as per your budget with 100% tolerance on quality compromises.


Saree key chains are specialty of India which cannot possibly be found elsewhere in the world. Saree key chains are worn on the side of sari. However these days it is pretty much in fashion to wear saree key chains to as other jeweler pieces. KARISSIMA jewelers have taken the distinction of offering new and innovative designs and varieties of Saree key chains. Imported designs from India are the creation of our very best designers’ working day and night to bring new and improved jewels for you to look good. You can see our galleries to observe the fine stone work like Kundan and Polki embedded on these Saree Key chains. As mentioned earlier these days Saree key chains are not limited to be worn with Saree only, so now it can be categorized as all seasons all occasions wear. So you can wear with Saree, Shalware Kameez, Kurta or any modern western outfit. Saree key chain will certainly look attractive with all. Any female of any age can have saree key chains proudly in her jewelry case. Last but not least the amazing lower prices for saree key chains are out of this world, real value for your money.

Saree Pins

When you put on one of the elegant and beautiful Sarees, you will always feel feminine and lovely; and one piece of jewelry that KARISSIMA Jewelry stocks are some of the loveliest Saree Pins that you will find anywhere.  These pins are such a great addition to any of the beautiful Sarees and you will find that because the prices are so reasonable, you’ll want to order several of them.

Take a look at these pins on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site.  These Saree Pins come in such a wide array of styles.  There’s a lovely leaf pattern that is beautifully designed in green, red, and white gems, a lovely gold and white duck, a white elephant, a gold and white elephant, and a wide variety of Saree Pins that are inspired by some of the beautiful flowers found around the world.  These are all gold plated or silver plated, and are embellished with these beautiful white diamond or other stones that produce these vibrant wonderful colors. 

Some of these styles are freeform styles that have a larger stone of black, green, maroon, or brown and accented with white diamonds.  The green peacock Saree Pin is also quite lovely, along with the silver butterfly pin that is silver plated and adorned with white diamonds as well. 

Next to each piece on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site you will see a small magnifying glass, that when you hover the cursor over it, the Saree Pin is enlarged allowing you to see the amazing detailed workmanship on that piece.  You’ll want to take a very close look at each and every piece to get a good idea of the style in the design and the beautiful way in which it is put together.

When you are looking at the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site, you will also know that you are getting the most competitive price.  You will also know that your order is correct every time and processed in a very timely manner.  Your payment is always secure when you purchase your Saree Pins and your payment is never lost or stolen.

Sets < $25

There is a vast collection of sets <$25 present in KARISSIMA Jewellers galleries. Let us assure you that sets<$25 are not a compromise on quality, in fact we have zero percent tolerance policy on all our products as far as most important quality factor is concerned. The wide range of sets<$25 mostly are complete sets consisting of pendants and ear rings to offer you complete jewellery coverage for any occasion that you have to attend. These economical pieces of beauty are designed by our best designers. Imported from India these sets are suitable to be used with all the important dresses both traditional and modern. Sets<$25 are suitable for formal, casual and daily ware. The kind of Sets<$25 you can find at KARISSIMA Jewellers online store, we can assure you the same quality cannot be obtained at this price anywhere else. Sets are embedded finely with beautiful embedded stones, and can give you option to wear with multiple colours of clothing as matching and contrasts. Sets<$25 are available with different Polki, Kundan design with gold or silver platting choices. The extremely reasonable cost make these Sets<$25 best for giving away as gift to your loved ones while remaining in your allocated budget.



 In addition to all the great jewelry and clothes that KARISSIMA Jewelry has available on their web site, there are some great Hair Accessories that add a wonderful new look to your hair.  These are so many lovely pieces that come in an assortment of designs and colors, many of which are inspired by nature, as well as traditional, and contemporary designs.

Get your sisters and your girl friends and take a look at these lovely designs and you’ll see that they are reasonably priced and such beautiful designs.  The beading and stones that are in these pieces are so pretty.  From the beautiful sky blue floral design and the lovely soft pink flower to the beautiful white diamond butterfly, these will look great in your hair.  There are also some lovely turquoise and white diamond pieces as well as some great black and white styles as well.

KARISSIMA Jewelry features several designs that will not only look great in your hair, but will be a lovely complement to your other necklace and earring jewelry.  Just match the colors and the styles are, viola you have a lovely little piece that will look great in your hair and beautifully complete your outfit.

These also make great gifts for your friends.  Whether you are putting your hair up for an evening out or a formal event, these Hair Accessories are pretty enough to add just that right touch to your hair for even the most ceremonial parties.  They also have some styles that are great to wear to work or just around town on a shopping spree our outing, and they are so each to clip into the hair easily. The breading, crystals, and jewel stones make for a lovely addition to your ensemble.

KARISSIMA Jewelry ensures that your order is processed very quickly and they have a PriceMatch Form that you can send in if you find one that is less expensive, they will try to meet or beat the price.  You are also assured that your personal information is safe and secure and that your payment is correctly processed.


Bindis is part of Indian women's attire for centuries. Bindis are sticky piece of ornaments which is mostly pasted on the forehead; in fact it is known to be worn on the forehead. KARISSIMA jewelers have a very vast collection of Bindis in their galleries for you to choose with all the freedom in the world. You can apply our Bindis without the addition of water or ointment of any kind. Similarly removing it is also very easy. Good thing is you may apply the same bindins several times, as it is not disposable to be used only once, which is cost saver option obviously. We have imported all our bindis from the place of their origin India, making sure that we deliver the best of world at your service via. You can scan our gallery of Bindis to choose multiple bindis as per our choice considering the kind of dresses you have in your wardrobe. Bindis are offered at very nominal cost for our valued customers. Bindis represent India and it is always good to wear India on the most prominent part of your body the head. So do some Bindis shopping and enjoy wearing different bindis to express yourself.

Body Tattoos

Tradition of wearing tattoo goes long way back in to the history. Traditionally the tattoo was used to be permanent however these days temporary tattoo are hot from the fashion perspective. KARISSIMA jewellers along with offering jewellery have diversified their product base to include non jewellery items for their valuable customers. Tattoo collections is full of colors, designs and variety and could be applied anywhere on the body. Best thing about the tattoo is that whenever they are out of fashion or you start losing your interest you can peel them off your skin very easily. Tattoo gallery of KARISSIMA jewellers is full of various designs for you to wear on any occasions both formal and casual. You also can choose the tattoo as per your clothing. Different Tattoo types are available in all the sizes and you can choose as per your age group. Prices like always are very competitive at KARISSIMA jewellers and you can find amazing introductory offers on tattoo of your choice. We advise you to buy more and more tattoo to go with any of your dresses and considering the future parties and occasions