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We are the largest Indian/Pakistani Garment & Costume Jewelry at Nashville TN. Our product range includes SAREES, LADIES SUITS, JEWELRY, BRIDAL LENGHAS, MEN'S WEAR, KIDS WEAR, ACCESSORIES & MORE.  We carry lots of products in stock that we can't update n the web. If you don't find your requirements here, please contact us.

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Bridal Collection

Wedding is the most important event in an individual’s life. Everyone dreams of having the grandest wedding and getting the best things for the trousseau. There is nothing more vital than deciding the look of the bride. Lots of planning goes into finalizing the bride’s costume and jewelry. This is the age of designer wear and costume jewelry and the modern bride ensures that her jewelry must complement her outfit rather than just loading herself with heavy gold ornaments that often end up looking hideous when teamed with a designer bridal wear.

Necklaces & Bridal Sets:~
For the first time in this industry we are coming up with a concept where you have ability to customize bridal sets and necklace sets as per your requirements.
I am sharing some designs of bridal sets & necklace sets you can pick & choose any designs you want to order & you can give us instructions about stone colors (follow color chart) / plating color (such as silver/gold/mehndi/Victorian) & much more.
Necklace sets from $45.°° to $99.°° &
Bridal Sets from $49.°° to $199.°°
We need 4-6 weeks for any custom orders.

To make your D-day special, KARISSIMA Jewelry presents an exclusive range of Indian bridal wear collection. Our Indian bridal wear collection covers an entire range of exclusive jewelry – Indian bridal sets, gold plated bridal jewelry, necklace, earrings, bridal armlets, bangles, kalira, choora, nose pins, tikka, bindis, bridal jhumars – at an extremely reduced price. The materials chosen include high quality gold and silver plated metals, garnets, freshwater pearls, stones, American diamonds, and zircon.

Changing trends have also cast an impact on wedding traditions. Women no longer want to deck up like brides of yesteryears. The traditional feel is of course present, but a lot of cross-culture fashion has seeped in. This is clearly evident from modern weddings where the bride can be seen sporting pastel shades unlike the typical red or maroon colors. The same trend can be observed in contemporary bridal jewelry fashion. For instance, a lot of Bengali brides now opt for designer jewelry or kundan jewelry instead of the traditional ‘all gold’ appearance. The best part of KARISSIMA Jewelry Indian bridal wear collection is its comfort. Every jewelry piece has great finishing sans any rough edges.

 At KARISSIMA Jewelry, we understand your changing needs and create Indian bridal sets that are not only in sync with the latest trends but also inculcate the Indian spirit. When compared to the exorbitant prices of gold and diamond jewelry, our Indian bridal wear collection is available at a fairly decent price. The color scheme ranges from red, green, and white to pink and turquoise. So whatever is the color or design of your bridal outfit, our bridal collection will always have something great to offer.

Goldplated Jewelry

One of the best pieces of jewelry that goes with absolutely anything you have in your closet is Goldplated Jewelry.  It’s always in style, it’s elegant, and it makes a lovely statement about your own personal style and your one unique personality.  These lovely pieces will make a great addition to your jewelry box.

A great benefit of shopping for these lovely pieces of Goldplated Jewelry is that KARISSIMA Jewelry has pictures of each set on-line on their web site.  Each necklace and earring set is beautifully displayed, and each individual picture has a magnifying glass that when you hover the cursor over the magnifying glass, it enlarges the picture and you can see the individual details of that gorgeous piece. 

There are as many styles that KARISSIMA Jewelry offers for Goldplated Jewelry from the very simple and elegant designs to the much larger designs with more elaborate and intricate details.  Some of the designs have a beautifully designed goldplated chain with a pendant that has a lovely floral or other beautiful intricate design on it.  All of the pieces are all goldplated and also when you click on the image, you get a great description of the piece for their weight and size.

When you are looking at the Goldplated Jewelry, you’ll notice that the designs of the pieces are elegant and beautifully designed by talented designers.  The pieces very affordable and when you look at every piece you’ll find that you’ll want one of each piece in your jewelry box to match all the outfits in your wardrobe.

You can have a lot of fun shopping with your best friend, your mom, or your sister on this KARISSIMA Jewelry web site from the comfort of home.  You’ll have a great time looking at all of the pieces and talking about what outfit each would look great with when you wear the piece.

The greatest advantage of shopping for Goldplated Jewelry with KARISSIMA Jewelry is that their site is secure and you are assured your payment is correctly applied and it is always safe and never lost or misapplied.

Goldplated set

When you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry to complement that great outfit, one place you need to keep in mind is KARISSIMA Jewelry.  The Goldplated Sets have the necklace and matching earrings designed as a set so that you don’t have to search through the jewelry box to find earrings that will be “ok” with the necklace – they are already designed to complement each other.

There are so many stunning designs available that the most difficult problem will be to determine which one you want the most.  These sets range from a pendant on a lovely gold chain to the far more elaborate gold sets that are significantly larger with more intricate detailing throughout the piece. 

The goldplated pendants that are shown in these Goldplated Sets from KARISSIMA Jewelry have some excellent work on the design of the pendant.  Whether they are a floral design, a paisley design, or one that contains contemporary designs, the earrings are beautifully matched to make a perfect Set. 

The more intricate designs of each piece are completely unique in the goldplating and the designs that appear on the piece.  Whether they are a choker style, or a more elongated style, the goldplating on these pieces take their inspiration from flowers, leaves, and other beautiful designs found in nature.  Some of them have wider goldplated chains that drape down to a beautifully detailed set.  Some pieces have additional gold links that drop down throughout the design to add a lovely accent to the necklace or the earrings.

The earrings are all for pierced ears and great care has been taken to ensure that the design on the earrings exactly matches, or complements, the design on the necklace.  Most of the earrings range between one inch in length and the longer styles that are nearly two inches in length.  They are all light weight and very comfortable to wear.

It’s always fun and convenient to order Goldplated sets from Bombay Jewelry because their web site contains all the pictures and information, plus your payment is always correctly applied and secure from loss or theft.

Goldplated Earrings

The finishing touch to any outfit is the wonderful jewelry that you select to complement the outfit, and beautiful earrings are the icing on the cake.  KARISSIMA Jewelry has some wonderful Goldplated Earrings that beautifully complement the goldplated necklace and bracelets that you have selected.

The earrings are all beautifully handcrafted and designed to reflect the beauty of the gold and enhance the beauty of the lovely lady wearing these lovely pieces.  Some of these pieces are simply a necessity for every jewelry wardrobe because they are gold hoops, and these are always stylish no matter what you are wearing.  Some of the bands are thin on some of these Goldplated Earrings, where others are either a somewhat wider band, or in some cases dual band styles.

All of these earrings are designed for pierced either with either the post style or the flip back style.  Several of the single band styles are adorned with lovely stones on the outward side that are typically white stones.

There are also several other styles of Goldplated Earrings from KARISSIMA Jewelry that have white diamonds around a teardrop shaped pear, white diamonds in a circular floral pattern, or white diamonds in a star pattern.  These are also made for pierced ears and will wonderfully complement any outfit in your closet.

Some of the styles are made so that a drop teardrop pearl is attached to the bottom of the hoop that is decorated all along the front in white diamonds, making these uncomplicated styles incredibly elegant and becoming to the ears.  You will find that there are also maroon, purple, green, or brown Bali-style teardrop stones that are on some styles as well.

They are all very reasonably priced and you will probably find multiple pairs of Goldplated Earrings from KARISSIMA Jewelry that you want to purchase to add to your jewelry collection.  Ordering is uncomplicated and carefree over the web site, because your payment is always secured and your personal information is safe and never given to marketing companies to try to sell to you.  It’s a really great place to shop.

Goldplated Chains

There are so many great looks in jewelry that you want to have in your jewelry box, and Goldplated Chains are one of the necessities.  KARISSIMA Jewelry carries a wide assortment of very lovely Goldplated Chains, and when you look at these various styles, you will find several of them that you want for your collection.

Take a look at the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site for a moment, and let’s look at these beautiful designs.  You’ll notice some that are very lovely box-style chains in addition to a variety of Goldplated Chains that are embellished with assorted colored stones.  There are several that are adorned with the more traditional maroon stones, and others that have the green, or a combination of green and maroon stones.

Some of the Goldplated Chains in the KARISSIMA Jewelry line have a combination of lovely stones throughout the design as well as some areas of the chain that have additional gold plating with beautiful designs etched in the gold.  The chains themselves come in an assortment of styles of chain from links to box-style, and several assorted patterns in which the multi-colored stones are placed throughout the chain.

You and your friends will have a great time shopping for the Goldplated Chains on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site.  You’ll find that next to each picture of the item is a magnifying glass that enlarges the image so that you can see the complete design of the beautiful piece and all the stunning details.

You will probably want to mix and match some of the styles with certain outfits in your wardrobe to get a completely different look to the accessories.  Combining two or three of these lovely Goldplated Chains will look great on your neck and beautifully complement the lovely outfit you have paired them with for the event.

The prices are reasonable, and KARISSIMA Jewelry assures shoppers that their payments are secure and always correctly applied to your account.  You are also guaranteed that your personal information is never shared, and your payment is safe from loss or theft when using our web site.


Bangle's Collection

At KARISSIMA Jewelry, we always make sure to bring you latest bangles from Bollywood. 

Please make sure to select the correct bangle size.  Click here to find out how to choose the correct size or contact us at (615) 331-1308 for sizing information.

 A long time ago bangles used to be significant to a woman regarding marriage, but now bangles are just plain fun to wear, pretty, and they are really beautiful jewelry.  KARISSIMA Jewelry has an excellent selection of Bangle Churian that come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, so that no matter what the wrist and hand size of the lady, she’ll feel beautiful wearing them.

The small bangles come in solid colors of assorted shades of blues, purples, greens, oranges, yellow, fuchsia, and maroon, and they are always a wonderful accessory to any outfit.  These are all gold or silver plated, and are very reasonably priced.  The truly fun part about buying these from KARISSIMA Jewelry is that you can purchase them from the comfort of your own home over the web site. 

As you look at the assortment of styles and colors, when you want a closer look at the specific style, there is a small magnifying glass that allows you to get a magnified look at each of the bangles.  You can get a great view that helps you get an idea of how this lovely piece of jewelry will look on your wrist.

KARISSIMA Jewelry also has an assortment of this beautiful medium sized Bangles Churian that are also solid colors and will look great on your arm.  These bangles have beautiful colors that are a great choice for even mixing and matching to pull together multiple sets to match those interesting, unique outfits in your closet.

When you are looking for that perfect gift for a birthday or other special occasion, these Bangles Churian are always a great choice and because they come in such a wide selection of colors, it’s always easy to find one that will be a lovely gift for a cherished friend,

Take some time and look at the beautiful styles.

  • Bangles Large
  • Bangles Medium
  • Bangles Small
  • Bangles XL
  • Extra Extra large Bangle
  • Goldplated Bangels
  • Silver Bangles
  • Baby Bangles

Diamond, Polki Bangles

Bracelets look great on almost any outfit. However it looks stunning with the Indian outfits. Women wear for several types of bracelets depending on the occasion. For example if you are going to the office and wearing a formal dress, you would like to wear a subtle yet refined set of jewelry which will just complement your dress. However, if you are going for a wedding, a heavy bracelet that will match your dress is essential. Many Indian weddings are exhibitionists. You need to wear colorful outfits and lots of jewelry to befit. However, wearing gold is not safe anymore and trend is moving towards gold plated jewelry – gold plated bracelets being the case-in-point here.

There is an advantage of wearing such bracelets. You wear the same bracelet that looks as stunning as any gold bracelet and at a much lesser rate!

We have a large collection of gold plated bracelets. Are you looking for multi-colour bracelets? Then we have some that are adorned with different colored stones or ones that have maroon, green and white polka. Our designs are breathtaking and not a single bracelet is cracked or chipped. All are in mint condition and we give guarantee for that.

Is your wrist thin? Don’t worry, as we have golden adjustable cuff bangles too. These can be easily adjusted according to your wrists’ girth. Are you looking for bracelets that have diamonds, but can’t afford a real piece? Well, you will be surprised that we have a great collection of gold plated bracelets that have diamonds (not real) and look just as beautiful.

Now you can easily and confidently attend any ceremony without feeling letdown. As a matter of fact many Indian brides are opting for heavy gold plated jewelry as affording heavy gold sets is difficult for them, seeing soaring to a new high almost every month. We, at KARISSIMA jewelry store provide cost effective solutions that cater to your ethnic needs. Our online shopping portal is extremely user friendly and your information is very safe with us. So shop happily and with confidence.

Baby Bangles

Some great pieces of jewelry that KARISSIMA Jewelry includes in their product line are Baby Bangles.  These are lovely little bangles that are gold or silver plated and they have a great look for Baby’s arm.  These are very reasonably priced, so that you can buy several of them and have money left for other great jewelry from KARISSIMA Jewelry.

These come in many great colors including a range of blues including turquoise, aqua, royal, and keep sky blue.  There are also ones that are in several shades of purple including deep purple, light purple, and purple and pink.  The orange bangles are a great complement to any outfit and the gold and white Baby Bangles will go with absolutely anything.  There are also assorted shades of green, maroon, red, and even browns. 

One style that will be particularly special to add to the Baby Bangles collection is the antique golden bangle because it will also go with any outfit.  It is also so easy and convenient to shop for the Baby Bangles from KARISSIMA Jewelry because you can go on-line and look at all of these great styles from the convenience of your own home. 

For each style, there is a magnifying glass on each of the pictures of the Baby Bangles and you can hover the cursor over the item and it magnifies it so that you can see all the lovely details of each piece.  Some of these designs have very intricate details and have some great wavy designs that combine the color in assorted patterns with the white studs. 

Another design has an assortment of six bangles when put together make an adorable little Baby Bangle.  KARISSIMA Jewelry carries such a great assortment of Baby Bangles that you will have a great time looking at all of them.

In addition, KARISSIMA Jewelry assures its customers that you will receive the exact product you ordered because they take great care in ensuring every order is correct.  You’ll also be very happy that their web site is secure and your payment will always be safe and never lost.


We Do Also

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