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We are the largest Indian/Pakistani Garment & Costume Jewelry at Nashville TN. Our product range includes SAREES, LADIES SUITS, JEWELRY, BRIDAL LENGHAS, MEN'S WEAR, KIDS WEAR, ACCESSORIES & MORE.  We carry lots of products in stock that we can't update n the web. If you don't find your requirements here, please contact us.

Men's Sherwanis & Indo Western
Men's Kurta Pajamas / Salwar Kameez & Kurban Kurtas ...

Check out our collection of Men's Kurta Pajamas / Salwar Kameez & Kurban Kurtas Starting from $15.°° to $75.°° Price range comes in Sizes 36"-52" (S/M/...
We also carry Men's Safa just from $5.°° to $25.°° each in all colors & sizes from 22" to 24"
We also carry Men's Mojdis in 6 best selling colors in plus sizes 11-16 (impossible to find it in ready stock in Indian Markets)
We also carry Men's Duppatta in most of the colors.
We can take custom orders for Sherwanis & Men's Kurta Pajamas / Salwar Kameez & Kurban Kurtas ... all we need is 4-6 weeks time from you.
Anything you require for Men's Collection we have them all.
So call now & prepare yourself for Eid & Wedding Season.

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Designer Sarees

The absolutely most beautiful piece of clothing that could be in your wardrobe is an incredibly lovely Designer Saree.  KARISSIMA Jewelry stocks a wide assortment of the stunning pieces of clothing that will transform you into a royal beauty.  These are beautifully designed Sarees that are in wonderfully vibrant colors and are the perfect pieces to wear on many occasions.

Yes, KARISSIMA Jewelry’s web site includes much more than jewelry to complete that great look that you want to pull together,.  Get your mom and sisters, and don’t forget your friends, and sit down in the convenience of your own home and come shopping with us with our wonderful line of Designer Sarees.

There are so many colorful Designer Sarees that the worst problem you will have is determining which one will look the best on you – because they are all stunning.  There are gorgeous greens, amazing red and black printed styles, lovely red and off-white patterns, pinks, green and maroon, mustard yellow, maroon, and green, and many other absolutely stunning designs and color combinations.  There’re even very stunning multi-colored ones that are absolutely incredible.

When you get on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site, you’ll notice that the prices are very reasonable, and the PriceMatch policy assures that you are purchasing these Designer Sarees at the most competitive price.  If you find the exact same one priced elsewhere at a lower price, we will do our best to meet or beat the competition’s price.

To get a detailed look on each of these stunning designs, there is a magnifying glass by each of these lovely Designer Sarees, and by hovering the mouse over the magnifying glass, you can get an enlarged image of the piece and see all the beautiful designs.  Since there are so many ways to wear a Saree, you’ll see all of them displayed in a different fashion.

You are always assured that your order is correct with KARISSIMA Jewelry when you are purchasing one of these breath-taking Designer Sarees; and because our web site is secure, your payment is always protected and applied to the correct account.


Kurtis / Tunics

 One of the prettiest outfits that you can add to your collection of clothes is Kurtis Tunics, and KARISSIMA Jewelry carries a lovely line of these beautiful Tunics.  They come in a variety of colors that are both solids and prints.  Add the perfect pair of leggings and you have a great look for the outfit.

These great Kurtis Tunics come in red and black, brown and cream, and blue and white with assorted patterns on each of the styles.  Some of them have more of a V-neck line and other styles have a more rounded neckline.  They are all cotton, which means they are very comfortable, easy to launder, and will hold up for a very long time, and still look as great as they did when they were brand new. 

There is a great assortment of Kurtis Tunics from KARISSIMA Jewelry and they are so easy to shop for; all you have to do is get on the web site and take a look at these lovely fashions.  Gather your girlfriends and sisters and take a look at the web site and shop to your heart’s content.  The prices are reasonable, the colors are very pretty, and the styles make you look great at work or for an evening out. 

These Kurtis Tunics have several styles from a straight A-line to a slightly flared hem.  When you are looking at these tunics on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site, you’ll find that they are very reasonably priced.  In fact they are so reasonable; you might want to buy one of each style to add to your wardrobe. 

You can get a very detailed look by hovering the cursor over the magnifying glass that is available on the picture of each Kurtis Tunic.  The picture is enlarged, and you can easily see all the details on each of these lovely tunics.

Another great benefit is that these Kurtis Tunics from KARISSIMA Jewelry can be easily purchased on the web site, and you are assured that the order is always correct and that your payment information is safe and always secure.

Our new L/XL/XXL Kurti(Tunics) Pack Collection is out to beat the heat.
RETAIL $19.99 Tö $24.95
Ñøw ÖŃŁŸ $9.99
This Summer we like to introduce our most elegant L/XL/XXL Kurti(Tunics) Pack.
We have attached few pictures for your reference.
All Kurtis Design / Colour / Styles are different from each other.


When looking for a lovely fashioned skirt to wear for the warm summer months, look no further than KARISSIMA Jewelry.  Yes, we carry much more than just jewelry to dress you up and make sure that you look your best from head to toe.  These skirts have wonderful designs in a variety of colors that will make you feel lovely, feminine, and always looking your best.

Take a look at the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site and look at these Skirts.  They come in many colors including pink, red, maroon, black, fuchsia, orange, or blue backgrounds with some great patterns on the fabric.  Some of the most beautiful include the peacock feathers, fan designs, diamonds, and lovely paisley designs in some great colors and looks.  These skirts are all around three feet in length and they weigh around one pound each.

The bottoms of these Skirts are trimmed in a lovely pattern that beautifully complements the pattern on the fabric.  The fabric is soft and feels wonderful to touch, and is so comfortable to wear.  It’s easy to clean and looks great to create so many great looks.

Shopping for these Skirts on KARISSIMA Jewelry’s web site is so easy and convenient because you can order them from the comfort of your own home.  You can see that the prices are very reasonable for these Skirts and KARISSIMA Jewelry ensures that their prices are competitive because they have a PriceMatch Form on their web site, so that if you see the same Skirt priced less on another site, fill out the form, and they will do their best to beat or match the price of the other site.

These lovely skirts are full and flow beautifully as you move.  They are certainly a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

In addition, you are assured that when you buy one of these Skirts from KARISSIMA Jewelry, your purchase is always correct, and you receive the Skirt you have ordered.  Plus, and additional advantage is that their web site is secure and your payment is always applied correctly and safe from loss or theft.


There are so many different styles of leggings, and they come in so many colors that are absolutely perfect for so many outfits.  If you are looking for reasonably priced Leggings that are in a very large variety of colors, look no further, because KARISSIMA Jewelry has a great supply.  Yes, we don’t stop at just beautiful jewelry; we carry a line of leggings as well.

Take that favorite longer top or skirt out of the closet, and match the color with some of the varieties that we have available, and your are sure to find a couple of different colors that match perfectly.  Whether you are looking for light green, parrot green, or dark green, turquoise, sky blue, light pink, deep pink, red, purple, or white, we have just the right color to complete the look of your outfit.

These are all cotton Leggings and tights, and are also great for a yoga workout or exercise program as well.  They are comfortable, soft, and are easy to wash.  You’ll find these will easily become one of your favorite pieces of clothing to wear because they are so comfortable.  All of the Leggings from KARISSIMA Jewelry are solid colors, so they are easy to match with your brightest skirts and shirts.

Ordering these Leggings is easy and so convenient because you can order them from the comfort of your own home.  Get on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site and you will find our great selection.  At each picture there is a small magnifying glass and when you hover the cursor over the magnifying glass, it displays a detailed view of the individual piece. 

These make great gifts for your sisters, cousins, and friends, and you might want to let out a little hint to them that you would enjoy having some as well.  There are many occasions where you can wear these and feel very comfortable.

One major advantage of buying with KARISSIMA Jewelry is that your order is always correct and we make sure that your payment is correctly applied to your account and your information is always safe.


One of the pieces of clothing that is always a great complement to skirts or longer shirts are Leggings, and KARISSIMA Jewelry stocks them in Large and Extra Large sizes.  That’s absolutely correct, we don’t just carry jewelry, and we carry a wide variety of clothing as well to help you pull together that great outfit for work or for the get together over the weekend.

Floor Length Unstitched Partywear Anarkalis ...
(can be stitched at extra cost)

There are some great benefits to shopping for Large/XL Leggings on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site; and one is that it’s so convenient.  You can shop from the comfort of your own home, look at all the styles and great colors that we offer, and decide which ones you want, order the Leggings, and pay for it all on the same web site – without ever leaving the house.  Get your friends and sisters together and just spend some time shopping with us.

Another great benefit is that our prices are always reasonable and affordable, and KARISSIMA Jewelry even has a PriceMatch guarantee that if you find the exact same item at a lower price somewhere else, all you have to do is fill out the form and we’ll will try to either meet or beat the price.  You’ll find a great look and at a great price – what could be better?

In addition, KARISSIMA Jewelry’s Large/XL Leggings come in a wide range of colors including pink, red, brown, white, dark blue, light green, wine, and purple.  You probably have a lot of different colors of outfits in your closet, so give them a different look and add a great pair of leggings to the outfit.  Whether it’s a skirt or long shirt, these leggings just look great with many outfits.

As a final benefit for shopping with KARISSIMA Jewelry for Large/XL Leggings, your order is always correct and shipping is completed as stated.  We never share your information with marketing companies, and we assure you that your order will be processed in a short period of time.  In addition, your payment is safe and secure and always applied to your account with every order.

Ladies Ware

  • Sarees - Bridal Lengha
    (Ready to wear)
  • Sarees - Partyware
  • Sarees - Bandhni 
  • Sarees - Laheria
  • Sarees - Designer
  • Sarees - Lehnga Choli
  • Ladies Suites - Salwar / Churidar
  • Ladies Suites - Designer
  • Kurti

Kids Ware

  • Girls - Salwar - Churidar
  • Girls - Lehnga Choli
  • Boys - Kurta Pyjamas
  • Boys - Serwani / Jodhpuri
  • Infants Dresses

Men's Ware

  • Men - Sherwani / Jodhpuri
  • Men - Kurta Pyjamas
  • Men - Kurti

We Do Also

Min. $1.99 to Max. $9.99

  • Prayer Rugs Janamaz with Tasbih
  • Ladies Parises
  • Stone Parises
  • Kids Parises
  • Ladies & Men's Mojari (Khussa)
  • Juti (Shoes)