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Bangles are rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, or plastic. They are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Bangles are also known as Nepali: चुरा Chura, Bengali: চুড়ি churi, Tamil: வளையல், Hindi: चूड़ी Choodi, Marathi: बांगडी 'Bangadi, Telugu: గాజు, and Urdu: چوڑیاں.
Bangles Sizes:

Kids: 2:0 (New Born) / 2:1 (1-2Years) / 2:2 (2-3Years) / 2:3 (3-4 Years)

Adult: 2:4 (XS) / 2:6 (S) / 2:8 (M) / 2:10 (L) / 2:12 (XL) / 2:14 (2XL) / 2:16 (3XL)

Ring Bracelet (Slave Bracelet) or Hand Flower (Hand Panja)

The terms "handflower" and "slave bracelet" are often used interchangeably, although some people know only one or the other. Some people don't know what to call them, and some think of different things when they hear these terms. Other terms are used as well, such as "ring bracelet", "maille bracelet", and "panja" or "hath panja". Although these can all refer to the same thing.

The Asian version of the handflower is... like a slave bracelet with the charms and solid rings, but usually with 3 or 5 rings instead of 1. Often used as bridal jewelry. The name is Hindi; I think "hath" means "hand" and "panja" means "five".


An anklet, also called ankle chain, ankle bracelet or ankle string, is an ornament worn around the ankle. Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as payal. They have also been worn by Egyptian women since predynastic times.

TOE RINGS (Bichiya)

A toe ring or Bichiya, is a ring made out of various metals and non-metals worn on any of the toes. The second toe of either foot is where they are worn most commonly. This is because proportionately it's the longest toe and thus the easiest toe to put a ring on and stay without being connected to anything else.



Polki Jewelry

Polki jewellery that is enormously trendy in India, has now gained huge popularity lately beyond the Indian culture. Such is its richness that you can see foreigners wearing some polka jewellery these days. Inspired from Kundan technology polka jewellery has taken the whole jewellery business to new heights. KARISSIMA jewellers receive nothing but praises for their beautiful polki jewellery collection even from worst of the critics. We are KARISSIMA jewellers are work hard to keep on innovating but keeping our Indian roots intact always. Beautiful coloured stones embedding on different precious metals base make polka jewellery one of its kinds. You cannot stop appreciating these beautiful sets, earrings etc because of the sharp diamond and other stones work. Imported designs from the birthplace of polka jewellery India, our leading design staff has always fulfil our and customers expectations. Available in amazing designs of both famous Open and Hyderabad design you cannot resist yourself after watching our polka collection. Most the polka jewellery can complement your fancy, casual and daily dresses. Our polka collection is suitable for females of all ages and is a best gift for any occasion. Available at low cost but with KARISSIMA jewellers promise never to compromise on quality polki jewellery will be among the best additions to your jewellery box.

Kundan Jewelry

Jewelry is every woman's greatest weakness. From the touch of elegance to the exuberance of youth, Kundan jewellery and its variation are adored by female of all age groups. Kundan jewellery is treasured because of the possibility of innovative stone settings. Kundan jewellery is generally considered as royal jewellery and rightly so as Kundan jewellery was among the favourites of Indian Moghal emperors. Gold plated Kundan jewellery is a speciality of KARISSIMA jewellers. Kundan jewellery is available on the base of brass of silver.  With the services of best creative team around, variety and design in Kundan jewelry provided by KARISSIMA jewelers is unmatchable. Generally you will find Kundan jewelry as a whole set of necklace, earrings and Jhoomar (head wear), however individual pieces could also be ordered. You can see our catalogues to see that from normal party wear to bridal dresses, our beautifully designed Kundan jewelry fits all occasions.

Peacock Jewelry

Peacock is undoubtedly among the most beautiful creations of God. Peacock feathers are beautiful combination of multi coloured feathers and rightly it is considered as bird of heaven among many world cultures. Peacock jewellery is obviously inspired by peacock as its multiple shades and shades and design open the door for new dimensions in ornamental creativity. Relatively newer addition in the mainstream jewellery market although the basis of this type of jewellery goes deep into history. Peacock jewellery has gained tremendous success in limited time period. Peacock jewellery based items can come as individual pieces as well as sets. From items like pendants, bangles, bangles everything can be based on Peacock jewellery design. Actually peacock jewellery is a design type so all kind of jewelleries like Kundan, polka can be created on peacock design. Peacock jewellery has royal feeling to it and it is correct too, as the design was very popular in Moghal and other Indian empire’s era. So generally the Peacock jewellery sets are counted as heavy jewellery suitable for formal occasions with formal traditional Indian dressing. However current era is all about changing the previously set norms so you can do the experimentation with modern dresses as well. Prices of KARISSIMA Jewellers are so reasonable that you don’t have to think twice. However currently we offering even more reduced prices as part of our discount scheme. So avail it or be ? prepared for mouthful nagging of your wife.

Diamond Jewelry

Women can kill or be killed for diamond that is not an exaggeration at all. Nature has kept so much beauty and grace in the diamond that women start drooling even at the mention of diamond jewellery, owning the diamond jewellery itself, is a separate proposition altogether. India is famous for its jewellery work, in fact Indian jewellery are more of piece of art you cannot stop appreciating rather than some jewellery. KARISSIMA jewellers and its team realizing the need of diamond jewellery and its association with women have came up with unique, stylish design at extraordinary amazing prices. You can take a look at our diamond gallery to appreciate this beautiful gift of nature and amazing level man rather craftsmen have take it to. Available in many designs and sizes our diamond jewellery is generally suitable for all the major occasions and for women and girls of all ages. Best gift for engagements, anniversaries, wedding etc KARISSIMA jewellers special Indian imported diamond jewellery is the key to your woman heart, be it for your girl friend, be it for your wife, your daughter, your mother you name it.  Best part is saved for last, i.e. you can have diamond jewellery from KARISSIMA jewellers at the most amazing low costs. No more words, we know you want to go to our gallery straight away.

Pendant Jewelry

Pendants are very important piece of female jewellery collection. You hardly see a woman without pendant jewellery at a party or even in normal, casual leisure free time. At KARISSIMA jeweler’s pendant jewellery gallery or should we say art gallery, you will find many attractive heavenly designs which are incomparable to anything else in the world. These pieces of priceless beauties are available in one of a kind design. Design range varies from base precious metal to different creative stone works based sets. Mostly the pendants are available with ear rings at least and you may find some sets with additional items like Jhoomar or Tika. You don't need to worry about the pendant sizes for different age groups, due to adjustable thread given all the pendants could be worn around neck of any sizes. The beautiful sets are gift of Indian brought to the world wide audience through the courtesy of Bombay Jewellers.   Pendant jewellery is available with huge variety of different Indian designs like Polki, Kundan etc. The vast collection may cause problem for you, we must have to admit, we understand choosing one out of the vast pendant jewellery collection is not an easy task. What can we say, best of luck from KARISSIMA jewelers.

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewellery can never go out of fashion. The beauty and grace associated with pearl jewellery is complemented very well by the creative architects of jewellery we have at KARISSIMA Jewellers. The huge collection of pearl jewellery present at our portal contains many options fitting your all needs. Most the pearl jewellery items we have in our gallery are complete sets of pendants and ear rings. Pearl jewellery is not exactly an Indian speciality but the creative minds of India have taken the pearl jewellery to next level by making fusions of pearls with Indian designs. Beautiful gold or silver plating as the base and with the sharply crafted and finely placed precious stones our jewellery is the perfect artefact that you were always looking for. Our pearl jewellery by the virtue of its creative design is suitable for both formal and casual occasions, furthermore you can wear the whole set or individual pieces like ear rings alone in your daily routine. Mostly the pendant comes with adjustable string so that anyone can wear them without worrying about he size. This attribute allows you to give KARISSIMA jewellers pearl jewellery as gift too. Get advantage of our limited time discount offer on pearl jewellery, as the prices are on all time lowest levels.

Silver Jewelry

Moon light like beautiful silver is beautiful, silver is graceful. Indian silver jewelry combines the grace of silver with the versatility of designs that you can only associate with Indian work. KARISSIMA jeweller has the tendency of creating waves in the jewellery world with newer, innovative amazing designs always, thanks to our creative teams whose creative ideas are never look like consuming up. Silver jewellery offered by KARISSIMA jewellers is carved with beautiful precious stones work to give it a rather surprisingly beautiful look. Our silver jewellery is not only beautiful but with touch of class is fit to be used for all occasions and for all ages. Our silver jewellery catalogue will reveal a lot of variety of items starting from bracelets to armlets, from anklets to ear rings to complete sets. Silver jewellery obviously no need to tell goes with all kind of dresses and can be worn on any occasion any time of day. We realize these days the economic situation is not that great, even if you are earning good still it is advisable to save your money for the rainy day, KARISSIMA jewellers realizes this need very well and the evidence is amazing price range you can check out in our catalogue.

               Rani Collection

When you really want to feel special and pretty, there’s little that’s better than putting on beautiful jewelry and going out for the evening.  One of the best collections of some of the loveliest jewelry is the Rani Collection that KARISSIMA Jewelry features.  Regardless of whether you are looking for a necklace, earrings, bracelets, or the lovely bangles, you will find at least one that puts just that finishing touch look to the outfit you have selected to wear.

The Rani Collection from KARISSIMA Jewelry features the Rani Necklace that has many lovely designs that range from the simpler pendants on the gold chains that are elegant and charming, to the larger choker necklaces, and the much more elaborate designs that are larger and much more detailed.  Whether you are looking for a specific color, and you like the floral or geometric designs, there are certainly many styles that will be excellent for any occasion.

The Rani Collection also features an assortment of earrings that are specifically designed to match the necklaces.  They are either gold or silver plated and some in so many exquisite styles that keep up with the modern trends of today.   Some of these have extremely intricate silver plated designs that beautifully highlight the lovely colored stone in the center.  Many of the designs are also accentuated with stunning pearls that work quite delightfully in with the design of the gold, silver, and other colored stones.

Certainly the Rani Collection would not be complete without a beautiful bracelet to adorn the wrist, and the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site displays a wonderful assortment of bracelets that are designed to complement the necklace and earrings.  In addition, there are several sets of gold plated bangles that are perfect for both traditional and contemporary fashion.  Both come in a variety of styles with multi-colored stones and pearls that are set in gold or silver plating.

It’s always secure to purchase these items from KARISSIMA Jewelry because they have taken all the precautions with their web site to ensure your payment is correctly applied and safe from loss or theft.

Being adorned with beautiful jewelry is something most every woman around the world enjoys.  Whether it’s an exquisite necklace with earrings to match, or rings and bracelets, they make you feel good about yourself and the world around you.   One of wonderful collections of beautiful jewelry that just takes your breath away is the Rani Necklaces that KARISSIMA Jewelry carries.

Rani Necklace

The Rani Necklaces has a wide range of styles from the very simple and elegant fashions to the much larger, more elaborate an intricate design.  Take a look at some of the pendants on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site, and you’ll see some gorgeous turquoise, maroon, green, white, orange, or red styles that hang from a lovely gold plated chain.  Many of them are enhanced with cream pearly or white stones to beautifully accentuate the lovely center stone.  Each of the necklaces comes with earrings to match that are equally pretty.

The more intricate designs of the Rani Necklaces from KARISSIMA Jewelry also come in an assortment of maroon, green, red, turquoise, or red styles but they have more of the gold plating that the smaller styles, and a more intricate design around the pendant.  Some of these designs feature intricately designed floral patterns with the inlaid pearls or white stones set in the beautiful gold plating.

The very elaborate designs are much larger and some are in choker styles while others are more of a larger much more intricate necklace design.  These also come in assorted colors, many of them accentuated with pearls and other lovely colored stones set in the stunning gold plated designs.  Be aware though, there is a major issue associated with looking at Rani Necklaces on the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site – you’ll want to buy every single one of them because they are so beautiful and each one you look at is even prettier than the one before!

The greatest advantage is that the Rani Necklaces is readily available on the KARISSIMA Jewelry website, and it’s secure.  You can rest assured that your payment is correctly applied, and always safe and never shared or lost.

Rani Earrings

Ok, so you have found that “absolutely perfect necklace” to go with the stunning new outfit, now you have to go to the KARISSIMA Jewelry web site and look at the collection of Rani Earrings that match that gorgeous necklace.  It’s guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed with their selection, styles, colors, and prices when you look at what they have available. 

It doesn’t matter what color you are seeking, whether it’s the more traditional maroon or red, or the more modern turquoise, fuchsia, greens purples, or pinks, the styles are beautiful and they have exceptional designs.  Whether it’s the gold plated leaf style, the teardrop style, the Kundan peacock earrings, or the contemporary styles, they are all generally three to four inches long and all complete the look of the selected necklace,

The KARISSIMA Jewelry Rani Earrings are reasonably priced and you will have so much fun shopping on-line for the different styles.  When you click on each earring, there is a magnifying glass that enlarges the picture of the earring, so that you can get a detailed view of exactly what these beautiful styles look like.  Each one of them has an accented drop at the bottom of the piece that matches the color of the stones throughout the earrings.

Some of the styles are designed with very delicate silver plating with an assortment of diamond styles in many different colors including fuchsia, pink, red, green blue, black, and white.  All styles are for pierced ears, and if you find any of their items at a lower price somewhere else, they have a Price Match Form that you can fill out and we will work very hard to beat the prices of any of our competitors.  We want to assure you that you will pay the best price and be completely satisfied with your purchase.

KARISSIMA Jewelry ensures that the Rani Earrings you purchase will have the payment correctly applied to your account, and you always know that your payment information is safe with them. They have taken extra steps to ensure their web site is always secure.


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